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Dusting 101

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2010

Each year, an average of 40 pounds of dust materializes in the home. Follow these simple rules to ensure a happily dust-free space.

  • The less clutter you allow to accumulate, the less dust your home will generate.
  • Always work from the top down.
  • For hard-to-reach spots, use a chicken-feather or ostrich-feather duster. Ostrich feathers are soft and flexible; dust tends to cling to them as opposed to getting bandied about.
  • A basic wide paintbrush (look for one with natural bristles) can reach into all kinds of nooks; use one to remove dust from a lampshade's pleats.
  • A dust cloth made of natural materials such as cotton or flannel is good for everyday dusting of surfaces, such as your dining-room table.
  • Vacuum before you sweep: If you use a broom to sweep the dust away, you'll only succeed in kicking it up so that the dust lands somewhere else. To address dust in curtains and softer surfaces, use the vacuum's brush attachment.

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