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Baby Face Clock

Source: Martha Stewart Baby, 2003


Let's face it. Is there anything more captivating than the face of your little boy or girl? Smiling, sleeping, even crying -- every expression is priceless. And you've likely captured them all on film. When it comes to displaying and sharing your photographs, why limit yourself to glossy five-by-sevens in silver frames? You and your loved ones will get a kick out of seeing your baby's adorable mug in unexpected places -- like this clock.

The project is easiest to make with a computer: Scan in a photo of your baby's face, or download one from a digital camera. Use graphics software to isolate the image and resize it, if necessary. To create multiple images, you can use the software to duplicate it and lay out the page.


  • Clock with a removable cover plate and wide spacing between the numbers

  • Heavyweight matte photo paper

  • Clear-drying craft glue


  1. Print your pictures onto heavyweight matte photo paper. Or you can cut out faces from an extra set of photographs that have a matte finish.

  2. Using a brush, apply a thin coat of clear-drying craft glue to the back of each photograph, and affix the photo to the clock face. Reattach the clock's cover.

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