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Flower Arrangements with Tricia

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


In addition to her vividly hued fabrics and furnishings, she uses vibrant flower arrangements to enliven a variety of decors. These two sculptural displays showcase colorful blooms and foliage in clear-glass vases of her own design.


  1. To make Tricia's minimalist blue-hydrangea arrangement, start with about 2 inches of water in a clear-glass, cylinder-shaped vase. Wind a tea leaf, or other broad leaf, around the inside of the vase to create a green lining. Then, partially submerge a single blue hydrangea head in the water.

  2. In her second arrangement, Tricia uses sweet peas, peonies, and calla lilies in mauve, pink, and purple shades, as well as tea leaves. To make, line up several clear-glass, test-tube-style glasses of various heights, and fill each glass halfway with water. Start building the arrangement by cutting down a tea leaf and winding it around the inside of the vase. Continue building the arrangement by adding one flower to each vessel.

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