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Luxurious Holiday Bathrooms

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2008


If you're entertaining house guests over the holidays, it is a really nice gesture to transform your bathroom into a comfortable, luxurious space -- your guests will definitely appreciate your thoughtful touches.

Holiday Wreath
A wreath is more practical than flowers, which take up counter space. Martha recommends a balsam wreath, which gives off a lovely scent. When hanging your wreath, use a small picture hook that holds a lot of weight but leaves only a little mark, and be sure to coordinate your ribbon with the decor of your bathroom.

Linen Hand Towels
Replace your everyday hand towels with special linen ones for the holidays. When you iron linen, dampen it first. If anything with embroidery needs ironing, iron on the opposite side of the towel because the soft texture of the towel will prevent the pattern from being flattened. Then turn it right side up and iron gently around the design.

Pyramid of Bath Towels
Roll your bath towels into a pyramid for a lovely display. Choose plush towels with an extra luxurious feel; towels with a long staple (the length of each individual fiber) are softer than cottons with a short staple. Egyptian cotton has the longest staple length. It's also very durable and absorbent, and it generates less lint than other types.

Items for Forgetful Guests
We all have a lot on our minds at holiday time, and guests may forget essential items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, small sewing kits, stain sticks, emery boards, shower caps, and razors. Put these items in containers, and place them on the back of the sink -- your guests are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Items to Pamper Guests
Keep items such as bath oil, liquid soap, moisturizer, hand lotion, body lotion, shampoo, cream rinse, and face cleanser stocked in your bathroom for guests who would appreciate a little extra pampering.

Plush Toilet Paper
Stack rolls of plush toilet paper in a pyramid shape in a basket and place on the floor or on top of the toilet.

Luxurious Robe
Who wouldn't want to get out of the shower or bath and slip into a soft, inviting robe? Most guests don't bring luxurious robes with them because they are very bulky to pack. Simply choose a soft robe in a color that goes nicely with your bathroom decor, and hang it on a hook outside the shower. Pair the robe with a set of comfy slippers to match -- your guests will feel pampered, and be prevented from tracking water through the house.

Plush Bathmat
Choose a bathmat that looks and feels luxurious. Plus, here's a tip for long term care: When you wash your bathmats, don't use fabric softener, as it can reduce the absorbency of the mat.

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