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Ordering Bulbs 101

The Martha Stewart Show, October October Fall 2007 2007

Bulbs should be planted during the fall, right after the first frost, to ensure a garden of showy blooms in the spring.

Picking a Planting Spot How-To
Choose a spot that you will see the most often -- by the front door or out the kitchen window, for instance. Determine if it is a full-sun or full-shade spot or somewhere in between; when there is a heavy rain, does the water accumulate in that spot (making it wet) or is it well drained (a dry spot)? Then go outside and look at the trees and shrubs near the site; are they flowering and if so, what color are the flowers? And be sure to take into consideration the color of your house: If it's white, you'd want to avoid planting white daffodils or white tulips right in front of it as they may be difficult to see.

Flower Combinations How-To
When planting bulbs together, choose bulbs that bloom simultaneously or overlap, or that will bloom sequentially to create a complete floral look.

The spring bulbs featured on "The Martha Stewart Show," including daffodils, tulips, leucojums, muscaris, and allium, can be found at

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