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Dove Chocolate: From Bean to Bar

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2009

When you bite into a piece of Dove chocolate, its origin as a bean pod in the Brazilian rainforest doesn't exactly spring to mind. But behind every Dove bar lies a meticulous production process, from cocoa-tree cultivation and bean harvest to fermentation, roasting, refining, molding, and packaging.

Watch the video for a delicious, behind-the-scenes look at Dove's chocolate-making process.

Martha's Dove Promises
Just in time for the holidays, Martha Stewart Living has partnered with Dove to create a special line of chocolates.

For a limited time, Dove Promises chocolates are featuring holiday messages from Martha under their foil wrappers. In the messages, Martha gives unique tips on how to prepare for the holidays.

To see examples of Martha's Dove Promises messages or send your own custom message to a friend, visit

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