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His and Her Royal Highness Costumes

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2003


Beneath these majestic cloaks are ribbon sashes decorated with button-and-ribbon medals. The unlined capes don't require any sewing, just fabric glue to hold the rickrack in place. A fancy dress is the underpinning of a girl's costume. A boy's jacket, its collar turned up, is embellished with bright buttons and tacked-on rickrack at the cuffs. Tacked-on red ribbon runs down each trouser leg.

These costumes don't require sewing. The king's cape should fall to above the ankle, the queen's to the floor. You will need royal blue corduroy for capes, 16 yards golden jumbo rickrack (for 2 capes), fabric glue, a boy's suit, fancy metal shank buttons, and safety pins.


  1. Cut out capes from a single layer of fabric. Glue rickrack along hem and fronts of capes. Glue rickrack around neck, leaving extra-long ties at the front. Let dry overnight.

  2. To dress up the jacket of the king's suit, glue or hand-sew rickrack to shoulders and cuffs (sewing it on will let you return the jacket to its original condition). Remove original buttons; set aside. Turn lapels in to make a stand-up collar. Safety-pin shank buttons to front of jacket, including lapel. Pin collar shut after your king has his jacket on.

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