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Snowflake Tablecloth

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 1999/2000


Delicate snowflakes disappear quickly if brought indoors. To capture their sparkling essence for your holiday party, re-create them in glitter, which won't melt away, on a sheer organza tablecloth overlay.

Remember, craft glue is water soluble, so the cloth can't be washed.


  • Craft glue

  • Pencil

  • Loose-leaf paper

  • Silver glitter

  • Sheer organza tablecloth


  1. Draw a few flakes, between 2 and 8 inches across, in pencil on sheets of loose-leaf paper; these will serve as templates.

  2. Slide a template under a sheer organza tablecloth; trace its lines in craft glue (use a fine-tipped applicator). Remove template.

  3. Sprinkle glue with silver glitter. Let dry. Shake off excess glitter.

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