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Martha's Best Halloween Costume

Every Hallows' Eve, Martha gets in full holiday spirit with ever frightful and delightful costumes. Which has been your favorite? Many voted, and Martha revealed her most popular Halloween costume on the TV special "Tricking and Treating with Martha Stewart." Tune in for encore presentations on October 27 (at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.) and on October 28 (at 1 p.m.) on Hallmark Channel.

Black Cat
Martha wore a purr-fectly fabulous cat costume to the black-cat themed Halloween show in Season 2. Details included stunning and impressive feline features created by makeup, a furry full-body outfit, and a sparkling collar. The set transformed into a giant house of cats with audience members -- and even Martha's dogs -- also dressed as black cats.

Ghostly Equestrienne
As a haunted horsewoman, Martha spooked readers from the cover of the Halloween issue of our Holiday magazine in 2009, with her horse Rutger. Intense glowing eyes and a frightening scar up the ghostly quotient of her costume, while a top hat and luxurious fabrics make it ever glamorous.

Martha dressed as a goth-vampire for the Halloween issue in 2007 and for her Season 3 Halloween Show. Much of the transformation is focused on the face, with black makeup applied to her eyes and deep, blood-red liner to her lips. A long black wig, jewelry, and vampire attire complete the costume.

Golden Goddess
For the "Good Things" cover of the Halloween issue in 2007, Martha shone in a gleaming white-and-gold fairy costume. Metallic makeup brightened her face, which was framed by soft ringlet curls. Handmade leaf hair ornaments added a whimsical finishing touch. Martha also wore a goddess costume for her Season 3 Halloween Show.

Jane of the Jungle
For the first Halloween special on "The Martha Stewart Show," Martha dressed up as Jane of the Jungle. Accompanied by a stuffed chimpanzee, she made a grand entrance by swinging on a vine to start the show. The show's guest, actor Cameron Mathison, dressed up as Tarzan, Jane's counterpart, to continue the theme.

Medusa, the Greek monster whose gaze could turn people into stone, was Martha's costume of choice in Season 4. An intricate and regal headpiece of snakes crowned her stone-colored costume. The show, dedicated to the great statues of the world, featured a mausoleum set with guests and audience members set in stone, marble, and bronze.

Black Widow
Martha's Black Widow costume, featured on the cover of the Halloween issue of our Holiday magazine in 2000, was inspired by the Queen of the Spiders in Italian makeup artist Stefano Anselmo's book "Il Trucco e la Maschera." The bewitching look is created from a combination of makeup contouring and texturizing techniques as well as prosthetic features.

Queen of the Wild Things
For Season 5's Halloween Monster Bash, Martha reigned as Queen of the Wild Things. Her imaginative, larger-than-life monster costume, from spiky crown of tree branches down to her moss-encrusted boots, loomed large in the set-turned-Island of the Wild Things. As Queen, she played host to a monster buffet filled with spooky delicacies.

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Please check back on October 28 for video of Martha announcing the fan favorite costume.

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