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Building Cookie Cottages: Pastel Village

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2006


Welcome to our quaint town, population 12. The houses feature roofs tiled with yellow and blue candy-coated chocolates and green mint lentils. Windows are made with pillow mints, nonpareils, and wafers; bits of chewing gum are used for shutters and doors, which are dotted with tiny mint knobs. Jelly beans form the pebble paths. Streetlights -- striped candy sticks poked into gumdrops and topped with a mini gumdrop or candy-coated chocolate -- ensure Santa Claus will find his way to this hamlet. Arrange the cottages on a "snowy" tray for a cheerful window display or holiday centerpiece.

For instructions on how to build the basic cottage, see Cookie Cottages How-To.

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