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Easter Egg Wreath

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Symbols of rebirth in many cultures, eggs serve as the perfect centerpiece for this festive wreath. To hollow out the eggs, working over a bowl, pierce one end of a raw egg with a pin. Pierce the other end, and use the pin to enlarge the hole slightly and break the yolk. Blow out the insides using an egg-blowing tool or rubber ear syringe, forcing contents of the egg out through the larger hole into a bowl. Do not let the liquid touch the shell.


  • Scissors

  • 16-gauge black annealed steel wire

  • Masking tape

  • 12 eggs, brown and Araucana, or dyed white eggs, hollow

  • Crepe paper

  • 24-gauge fine wire

  • Craft glue


  1. Cut a 40-inch length of 16-gauge wire, and shape it into a hoop. Cut a 2-inch piece of masking tape, and make a tab with the tape 1 inch in from one end of the wire. Thread eggs onto the wire hoop, alternating colors.

  2. Cut pieces of crepe paper measuring 3 by 4 inches. Fold the crepe paper in half lengthwise, going with the grain of the paper. Use the scissors to cut out half of a leaf shape. Cut a piece of 24-gauge wire measuring 3 inches. Dip it in craft glue, set half of it into the crease of the leaf to make a stem, fold the leaf in half over the wire, and glue another leaf onto the other end of the wire.

  3. Take a pair of leaves, and twist them onto the wire hoop so they are snug against an egg. Attach a pair of leaves between every egg. Once they're in place, you can "fluff' them by pulling the crepe paper and stretching the grain. Cut off the ends of the wire hoop so only an inch remains. Wrap the tape around both ends of the wire to close the wreath.

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