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Copper Leaf Bobeches

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Candles have been used in more situations than anyone can count: as simple illumination, in devotional ceremonies, for decorating birthday cakes, to add a romantic atmosphere to an intimate dinner, and as a calming alternative to bright-burning lamps. But as a candle casts its light, drops of wax run down the side one after another, accumulating in a pool at the bottom. This effect has its own esthetic appeal, but it's problematic when the wax spills and hardens on a tabletop or tablecloth. The French created a solution: the bobeche, the collarlike part of a candleholder that catches drips. Here's how to make your own bobeche.


  • Leaf-shaped metal stamp

  • Copper-colored aluminum foil

  • Wooden spindle or bone folder

  • Heavy scissors

  • Copper-foil adhesive tape

  • Pillar candle


  1. Use the metal stamp to punch 12 leaf shapes out of copper-colored aluminum foil. Flatten the leaves so the edges don't curl under.

  2. With a wooden spindle or bone folder, burnish the leaves to make gentle folds where the veins would be on a real leaf. If you want, burnish 6 on the copper side and 6 on the silver side of the aluminum.

  3. On a piece of aluminum, trace around the base of the candle, then draw another ring around the first ring that's a 1/4 inch larger. With a pair of heavy scissors, cut along the outer circle and then along the inner circle. Flatten out the ring to remove any buckling and to smooth the edges.

  4. Fold the stems of the leaves over the ring, and using the copper-foil adhesive tape, affix them on the underside of your ring. Repeat until you have covered the entire ring with leaves. Slide the finished ring over the candle.

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