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Embroidering Towels

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 2168


Disclaimer: To embroider this design on any sewing or embroidery machine, convert the design in your embroidery software according to your hoop or machine manufacturer instructions.


  • Bobbins with bobbin thread

  • 40 wt. rayon embroidery thread

  • Universal 90/14 needle

  • Towel

  • Heavy tear-away stabilizer and heavy water-soluble stabilizer


  1. Wind 2 or 3 bobbins with bobbin thread and thread machine with 40 wt. rayon embroidery thread.

  2. Insert a universal 90/14 needle and select design to embroider.

  3. Use one layer of heavy tear-away stabilizer and one layer of heavy water-soluble stabilizer.

  4. Add hoop clips. Mark vertical and horizontal center lines on stabilizer in the hoop.

  5. Determine placement of embroidery on towel and mark a vertical and a horizontal center line based on the position of the embroidery.

  6. Baste towel to hoop. Place a layer of heavy water-soluble stabilizer on top of towel and baste again.

  7. Once the design is complete, remove basting stitches. Tear away excess stabilizer from the front and back of towel. Remaining stabilizer will wash away when the towel is laundered.

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