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Lily of the Valley Costume

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 1998


  1. Make a Basic Crepe Paper Cap in green. Cut a strip of white crepe to the same length as the piece you used for the basic cap, by 12 inches high. Fold into accordion-style pleats as wide as you want the petals to be. Trim one end of the accordion into a curved point. Unfold the strip, sew the two ends together (by machine or hand), and tightly gather the straight edge using a hand-basting stitch.

  2. Set this piece on top of the green cap, petals pointing down, and cinch the two stems together. Bind with floral tape. From a piece of green crepe, cut out leaves with short stems, as shown; the grain of the paper should run the length of the leaves. Crease each leaf in half lengthwise, and stretch the crepe on either side of the crease to enhance the curve of the leaf. Attach stem ends of leaves to cap stem with floral tape. Gently stretch the center of the lily petals to make them curve upward.

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