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Metallic-Dipped Branches

Transform regular branches into sparkling holiday decorations with this innovative paint-dipping technique. (Martha Stewart Living editorial director of decorating Kevin Sharkey used this method to create an Asian-Inspired Christmas Tree.)

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2009


  • Wide, shallow plastic bin

  • Tap water

  • 1 quart oil-based metallic paint

  • Artificial cedar branch

  • Twine for hanging branch

  • Newspaper

  • Floral wire

  • Ribbon


  1. Pour about 4 inches of tap water into a wide, shallow bin. Pour 1 quart of oil-based metallic paint into the water.

  2. Dip artificial cedar branch into paint bath and twirl around to completely coat.

  3. Tie twine around end of branch and hang to dry, placing newspapers on the floor below to protect it from drips. Complete drying takes 48 hours.

  4. To create a swag with multiple branches, lay two groups of branches facing in opposite directions on a flat surface, with "stems" overlapping. Wire stems together. Tie a ribbon into a bow around center point, decorate swag with glittered ornaments and birds, and hang.

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