Although these oversize snowflake streamers look delicate, they're made from a sturdy material that allows them to withstand wet weather.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut free-form wintry shapes, or download our templates; cut out. We started with a 10- or 15-inch square of weatherproof paper; fold the square in half to form a rectangle.

Step 2

Continue folding, using template as a guide. Place template on top; outline with pencil.

Step 3

Cut away edges with scissors; remove interior pieces with a utility knife.

Step 4

To hang: Punch holes at top and bottom of flakes. Tie monofilament between flakes to join them. Hang from a thumbtack or a removable self-adhesive hook. For greater stability, tie bottom snowflake to porch.


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