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Spice Rack: Paprika

Everyday Food, January 2009

Subtle Spice
Paprika is a sweetly aromatic spice made by grinding dried red-pepper pods; it's produced in Hungary, Spain, and California. Paprika's color ranges from bright red-orange to rusty brown and comes in different levels of heat. The most common type is mild "sweet" paprika; a Spanish smoked variety is also available.

Cooking with Paprika
Best known as a garnish for dips and deviled eggs, paprika also adds a deep, rich flavor and an appetizing color to spice rubs and stews like our Turkey Paprikash. Pick smoked paprika for heartiness and hot paprika for more heat. Find sweet (and sometimes smoked) paprika in the spice aisle; all varieties are sold in specialty markets. Store in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months.

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