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Suede Stool Cover

Photography: Gentl & Hyers

Source: Blueprint, 2006


Create custom seating from simple off-the-rack supplies. Unfinished stools were painted glossy black, then covered with foam disks and fabric circles.

Tools and Materials
2/3 yard of fabric per cover (you can get 2 covers if you are using 45-inch-wide fabric)
Ballpoint pen
1-inch-thick foam rubber
Utility knife
2/3 yard of polyester batting
Hole punch
2 yards of matching 1/4-inch cord


Stool Cover How-To
1. Using a ballpoint pen, trace the top of the stool (these dimensions are for a 13-inch-diameter stool) onto the foam rubber; cut out with utility knife.

2. From the batting, which will soften the edges of the foam, cut a 17-inch circle. Cut a 20-inch circle of fabric, and punch holes about every inch along the circumference, about 1/2 inch in from the edge.

3. Lace the cord through the holes. Place the foam and then the batting on the stool, and cover with the fabric; cinch and tie the cord.

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