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Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2006


You'll need the following, sold at art-supply stores: a framed screen (ours was 8 by 10 inches), a large paintbrush, screen filler, a fine-detail paintbrush, a craft stick, silk-screening ink, and a rubber squeegee.

You'll need the following, sold at art-supply stores:


  • Framed screen (ours was 8 by 10 inches)

  • Large paintbrush

  • Screen filler

  • Fine-detail paintbrush

  • Craft stick

  • Silk-screening ink

  • Rubber squeegee


  1. Download template and print. Place the screen, flat side down, over the template; trace template with a pencil.

  2. Turn screen flat side up, and use large brush to apply screen filler in the "negative space" around the design; fill in details with the smaller brush. Let dry several hours; repeat with second coat. Once dry, hold screen to light and look for tiny holes; fill, and let dry again.

  3. Place screen, flat side down, on one end of canvas backrest. Using a craft stick, spread a generous amount of silk-screening ink along the top edge of the design. Firmly hold the screen in place on the fabric with one hand, and use your other hand to drag the squeegee over the design. Repeat until the design is covered evenly with ink, being careful not to shift the screen. Remove the screen; let canvas dry several hours. Rinse the screen with cold water; let dry. Rotate screen 180 degrees, and place it next to the first design you printed; repeat process. Follow same procedure for the seat, rinsing screen and letting ink dry between applications. Reattach the canvases.

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