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Magnetic Flowers

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 2006


Put a little spring into your solid-toned tablecloths by embellishing them with a bunch of magnet-fitted flowers. Unlike sewn-on accents, the blooms can be changed for each season. Nor are they limited to table settings. This "arrangement" -- including roses, ranunculus, and mums -- would blossom just as brightly on a cafe curtain in the kitchen or even on a living room lampshade.

Start by collecting a variety of complementary-colored fabric flowers, available at crafts stores. Adhere mini magnets (also found there) with fabric glue to the backs of the flowers just above their raised centers (the larger the flower, the farther off-center the magnet must be to ensure that it will sit flat). Secure the flowers to any soft surface, including curtains and tablecloths, by placing a second magnet on its reverse side.

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