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How to Make Different Shape Bubble Wands and Bubble Solution

bubble wands

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Homemade bubble wands and bubble solution are so simple to make and bring hours of fun and enjoyment to the kids. 


  • 3 cups water

  • 1 cups liquid dishwashing detergent

  • 1/3 cup corn syrup

  • Bowl or pan for bubble solution

  • Bubble wands

  • Vinyl-clad steel wire

  • Needle-nose pliers


  1. Make the bubble solution first to allow time for it to settle. Combine 1 cup liquid dishwashing detergent, 3 cups water, and 1/3 cup corn syrup.

  2. To make the wand, take a piece of wire about 36 inches long. This will make the wand and the handle. Twist a tiny hook into one end of the wire. At the hook end of the wire, bend it with needle-nose pliers to make a circle about 5 to 8 inches in diameter. Hook the small loop over the straight wire and crimp it with pliers to hold it in place. At the other end of the wire, bend a smaller circle and crimp it to make an oval-shaped handle. The oval-shaped handle helps to hold the wand when it gets wet and slippery. From this basic circle form, you can make all kinds of cute shapes like a star, a butterfly, and a heart.

  3. To make the heart, form the circle wand. Place the pliers in the center and with your hands, bend the wire on either side of the pliers. Use your hands to smooth out the heart shape.

  4. Once the bubble solution has settled, use a shallow pan to dip the wand into the bubble solution to form a film. Pull the wand smoothly through the air and then twist to make the bubbles. Keep your bubble solution as foam-free as possible, otherwise no large bubbles will form.

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