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Oilcloth Tables

Waterproof paint and water-resistant fabrics leave a sophisticated stamp on inexpensive pieces that can live outdoors.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 2010


  • Coated-cotton or vinyl fabric (about 1 yard)

  • Small Parsons table (we used the Lack side table, unassembled, by¬†Ikea)

  • Heavy-duty spray adhesive (we used Super 77)

  • Staple gun and staples

  • T-50 staples


  1. Cut 1 piece of fabric that's 6 inches larger than the tabletop on all sides. Cut 4 pieces of fabric to cover table legs: The length should be the same as the height of the leg; the width should be 4 times the width of the leg plus 1/2 inch.

  2. Apply spray adhesive to the reverse side of the large fabric square. Wrap fabric around tabletop, smoothing out any bubbles.

  3. Staple the fabric to the underside of the tabletop (about 7 staples on each side), making sure the middles and ends of each side are secured.

  4. Apply spray adhesive to 1 of the smaller fabric pieces, and wrap around the table leg. Repeat for each leg.

  5. Assemble table following manufacturer's instructions.

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