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Pressed Flower Gift Card with Janie

Source: Martha Stewart


Picked at their peak and then preserved, pressed flowers offer a wonderful way to savor the beauty of summer long after its blooms have faded from the garden. Gardener, artist, and author Janie Gross shares her techniques for creating charming pressed-flower gift cards.


  • Milk carton

  • Card stock

  • Iron

  • Ribbon


  1. Start with a selection of pressed flowers and a clean milk carton. For Janie's how-to on pressing flowers, click here.

  2. Cut one side of the carton to the desired size, and trim the edges using decorative-edge scissors.

  3. Cut the card stock a bit larger than the milk-carton piece, and place a pressed flower onto the waxy side of the milk-carton piece. 

  4. To adhere the pressed flower, set it over a terry towel. Lay a protective cotton cloth, such as muslin, over the flower, and gently iron, carefully pressing back and forth. Use double-stick tape to attach the flower to the card stock.

  5. Punch a hole in the top corner, string a length of ribbon through the hole, and write your greeting. Attach the tag to a gift.

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