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Going Natural Plan: September 2006

Nutrition: A Perfect Diet?
The clarion call among nutritionists is loud and clear: a diet rich in whole foods, with plenty of vegetables and fruit, is the best bet for disease prevention and overall health. Dawna's diet has most of those bases covered. As she recounts in her September column, though, when it comes to following a healthy diet, what to eat is only half the battle. How we eat is just as important -- slowly and consciously, rather than rushed and on the run.

Nutrition: Hydrate
As a longtime athlete, Dawna knows the importance of getting enough water. But her busy workdays, like many women's, hardly accommodate "fountain breaks." MaryBeth Augustine, R.D., of the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, in New York City, gave her the following tip: At 9 a.m., place three rubber bands around the bottom of a 16-ounce bottle of water. When you finish drinking the bottle, move one band to the top and refill. Your goal is to drink all three bottles by 6 p.m.

Inner Growth: Put Yourself on Your To-Do List
For many women, the daily to-do list reigns supreme -- it's a roadmap for a given day, week, month, life, and we feel lost without it. The problem is that it's often endless -- between work and home responsibilities, errands, and paperwork, a woman's to-do list can nearly swallow her up. Dawna lives by her daily to-do list as much as any woman, but this month she's trying a new strategy: putting herself on it. Here's how to do it: Make a list of all the things that make you feel great (exercise, massage, writing in your journal, connecting with a friend, etc.) and be sure at least one of them is on your list every day.



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