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TNT Candy Sticks

These adorable treats resemble sticks of dynamite. They are the perfect party treat or favor for an Old West-themed birthday celebration.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show


Resources: Stick candy is available from Dylan's Candy Bar. Licorice is available from Licorice International.


  • Seven 5-inch red stick candies

  • Scissors

  • Black licorice


  1. Take seven 5-inch red stick candies and place them together in a bundle.
  2. Cut a 7-inch piece of black licorice candy.
  3. Sandwich the piece of licorice, with one end extending, inside the bundle of stick candy.
  4. Cut about a 22-inch piece of black licorice and wrap it around the bundle of stick candy.

  5. Tie the black licorice so the candy bundle stays in place.

  6. Cut off loose end of licorice to desired length for the "fuse."

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