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Brooms and Brushes

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There are various brooms and brushes designed to assist you with household chores, and you can complete any task more efficiently by selecting the right tool for the job. An ostrich-feather duster, lightweight with gentle plumes, is perfect for dusting delicate objects. For overhead fans, moldings, and floors, a soft and pliable triangular duster made from goat hair is ideal. (Goat-hair bristles are also soft enough to clean window frames without scratching the glass.) If you need to clean behind heavy furniture, use a curved extended-reach brush; its rounded length of horsehair bristles will also pull dust and cobwebs off the ceiling, from the inside of cupboards, and away from the upper and lower surfaces of high shelving. Use a duster specifically designed to clean the buildup on your computer screen, and you'll save your computer from potential overheating and circuit damage. After using any brush, shake it out well, and hang it in a closet. You can also wash your brushes in soapy water, but be sure to dry them thoroughly.

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