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Tequila Glossary with Jose

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Tequila, often considered the national drink of Mexico, is an ancient liquor made from the sap of blue agave plants that are grown in designated areas in five Mexican states. Spirits differ from one manufacturer to another because of variations in the production process: how and how long each distiller bakes the agave and ferments the juice, and what, if any, blends are added to the final product. More than six hundred brands are currently available on the market.

There are four basic types of tequila: silver, gold, rested, and aged. Silver tequila is clear and has not been allowed to mature; gold tequila has color and flavor (such as caramel coloring, oak tree extracts, and sugar syrup) added to the fermented agave juice. Rested tequila has been aged at least two months in oak barrels, while aged tequila rests in barrels for at least one year.

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