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Dreadful Candy Jar Labels

Creepy labels spell out what's in store for those brave enough to reach inside.

Source: Martha Stewart Living


Invite wicked guests to pick their poison from a selection of black-as-night candies -- striped licorice sticks, gummy bites, gruesome jelly beans, and other dark delights..


  • Mismatched glass containers

  • Assorted black candy, such as striped licorice sticks, gummy bites, and jelly beans

  • Self-adhesive paper (8165), by Avery


  1. Choose black candy to match your party's dark theme.

  2. Group them together in glass jars and label them with our "warning labels", such as "Rotten Sweets," "Deadly Morsels," "Dreadful Edibles," "Twisted Treats," "Devilish Delights," and "Witch's Sticks" on self-adhesive paper and affix them to the jars of sweets.

  3. Print out the clip-art labels on self-adhesive computer paper. Affix to candy jars.

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