In many European countries, it is a Christmas custom to feed songbirds, which are symbols of luck. Mark place settings with handsome red cardinals, and your guests are sure to feel fortunate. The place cards can be used with or without honeycomb paper.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download and print cardinal clip art onto heavyweight matte paper, reducing or enlarging as desired. Cut out.

Step 2

Write in guest's name. Cut out "cardinal back" template; place on bird's back, matching contours.

Step 3

Mark straight edge; remove template, and cut along line, giving bird a straight back. Repeat on other side. Using a bone folder, score long sides of the rectangle that forms the base of the bird; fold along lines.

Step 4

Press sides of bird together; attach using a glue stick. Place "cardinal body" template on red honeycomb paper (position paper so that its lines are perpendicular to dotted line on template); trace, and cut out.

Step 5

Unfold honeycomb paper; attach to back of bird using double-sided tape.


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