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Winter Welcome Silhouette Door Decoration

Greet visitors with graceful traceries of winter vines and fauna. The artwork is easy to create using our printable template, which comes in sections. Static holds the pieces in place on a glass or mirrored surface without the need for adhesive, so you can reuse the snowy silhouette for years to come.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2009


  • Tape

  • White static-cling vinyl (about 60 inches of 24-inch-wide vinyl for the design shown), from


  1. Measure your door (depending on its size, you may need to scale the template up or down). Tape the sections together so you can see the entire pattern. Place vinyl paper-side down, and layer transfer paper on top; then layer the template over the transfer paper, and tape in place. Using a pencil, trace the template onto the transfer paper. Flip the template over, and repeat tracing process to create opposite side of design. Cut out vinyl tracings with small scissors.

  2. Clean window, and let dry. Remove paper backing from vinyl and, working from top, align sections on glass. Trim or overlap vinyl pieces as needed to align neatly. Repeat the pattern lengthwise to fit door. You can add extra pieces to fill. For the squirrel and bird forms, follow the steps outlined above. To store for future use, roll cutouts inside leftover length of vinyl.

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