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Football-Field Runner and Football Coaster

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January 2009


These coasters and football-field runner are the perfect way to decorate your table for the big game.


  • For the Football-Field Table Runner: Roll of green art paper or solid green wrapping paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • 3-inch-wide craft ruler

  • 1/4-inch white drafting tape (also called artist's tape)

  • 3 to 5 packs of white felt adhesive numbers

  • Football Coaster: Brown flannel-backed faux leather or brown felt

  • Scissors

  • White oil-based paint pen

  • Pencil


  1. Cut a piece from your roll of green paper that is 18 inches wide and 2 yards long. Lay the paper runner across a flat surface.

  2. At one end of the runner, mark and draw a parallel line 6 inches from the short edge with a pencil and ruler. This will be one of your "end zones." Line up one side of the 3-inch-wide ruler with the drawn line and draw another line. Continue down the runner until you have 21 lines. You should have 6 inches left over in the opposite "end zone." If it's a little longer, trim to match the other side.

  3. Cover each line with a strip of drafting tape. At the last line before each end zone, add a strip of drafting tape right next to the first to make a thicker line.

  4. Stick felt numbers on either side of every other line, imitating a football field's yard markers.

  5. Print and cut out the football-coaster template.

  6. Trace template onto faux leather and cut out football with scissors.

  7. Use paint pen to draw stitches freehand onto football, following the guide on the template. (Regulation football stitching is one long line down the center and 8 small stitches across).

  8. Repeat to make as many coasters as needed.

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