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Scrapbooking with Photographs

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2007

Take your original photos and scan them or make color copies for an album. Save the scans on a CD. Take the originals and keep them in a photo storage box or keep the photos in an archival sleeve. When creating a scrapbook page, pick foundation paper. Cut paper using a rotary cutter. Take photo and, using tissue tape, tape down the photo. Pick a decorative border to frame the photograph. Embellish the remainder of the page.

The following products from Martha Stewart Crafts were used in this segment:
Album/Persimmon Postbound, 8.5 by 11
Paper/Candyshop Mulitpack, 12 by 12
Paper/Sun Room Multipack, 12-by-12 paper
Paper Pack/Tea Party, 12-by-12 multipack
Paper/Floral Gingham, 12-by-12 miscellaneous
Paper Pack/Spring Parade, 12-by-12 multipack
Paper/Salon Multipack, 12-by-12 paper
Paper/Cafe Multipack, 12-by-12
Paper/Playground, 12-by-12 multipack
Paper/Morning Terrace, 12-by-12 multipack
Paper Pack/Gala, 12-by-12 multipack
Craftstock/Multipack 7 12-by-12, miscellaneous, botanical garden
Paper/Pegboard, Multipack 12-by-12
Multipack/Heirloom Labels
Labels/Decorative Border
Stationery/Classic CD Labels/Miscellaneous
Transfers/Alphabet Transfers Brown
Adhesive/1/2-inch-by-20-feet double-sided tissue tape

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