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Candy-Wrapper Decoupage

The day after Halloween you'll probably have tons of candy left over; after you enjoy your treats, don't discard the wrappers -- you can use them in this great decoupage craft.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2007


  • White light-switch plates

  • Candy or bubble gum wrappers

  • Iron, to remove creases from wrappers

  • Small paintbrush

  • Scissors

  • Bone folder (optional)

  • Utility knife


  1. Flatten wrappers by ironing them at a low temperature.

  2. Cut wrappers to desired shape; you could line them up to make a graphic pattern or overlap them in a more random way.

  3. Rub wrapper with Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage.

  4. Apply to switch plate.

  5. Rub out wrinkles with bone folder or fingers.

  6. Repeat process until entire switch is covered.

  7. Using a utility knife, make an X over the switch opening; fold over and glue in place on back of plate. If there is excess along the edges, fold under and glue in place. Punch screw through covered screw hole.

  8. Seal entire plate with Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage glue.

  9. Let dry for about 20 minutes.

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