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Dressing Up Camp Furniture

Martha Stewart Living, August 2006

The term camp furniture may be a bit misleading. Take a look around any park picnic, backyard barbecue, or neighborhood block party -- no tents in sight -- and you're likely to spot a few people relaxing in these wood-and-canvas furnishings. Lightweight and collapsible, yet sturdy and comfortable, they go wherever short-term seating is needed, then fold up neatly for easy transportation and storage.

Despite its workaday reputation, camp furniture can be surprisingly stylish. All it takes is a few easy-to-find supplies, a spare afternoon, and a timely burst of creativity. Below, we introduce a variety of inspiring ideas, including repainting a chair frame and replacing its canvas seat, and customizing a slipcover and cushion for a cot. Identify the project that's right for you, and adapt it to refurbish tattered yard-sale finds or add personal flair to store-bought acquisitions. The results may be so elegant that even after summer ends, you'll find yet more uses for your camp furniture -- this time indoors.

Camp Furniture Glossary
Director's Chair How-To
Souvenir Slings
Cot Conversion
Versatile Stools




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