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Baseball Birthday Party

Planning a child's birthday party can be a challenge: One year, the kids love color-coded superheroes, and the next, it's all about bespectacled little wizards. But baseball, a beloved pastime of both children and adults, has a timeless quality.

Easy-to-make invitations that resemble baseballs are sure to generate your guests' excitement, and a trivia-game paper chain, with questions on one side and the answers on the other, will keep the ball rolling after they arrive.

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Hero Sandwich

Grand Slam Cupcakes

Baseball Party Favors

Baseball Theme Invitations

Tools and Materials
Oak tag
Heavy paper
Red waxed twine
Address labels (optional)

Baseball Theme Invitations How-To

1. On a piece of oak tag, trace a circle the approximate size of a baseball. Cut it out to use as a template. Lightly mark two semicircles, one on the top and one on the bottom of the template (the semicircles should resemble the arcs of red stitching on an actual baseball). Make an additional mark every 1/2 inch along the arc of each semicircle. Punch out the marks with a micropunch.

2. Use the template to trace the circle onto a piece of heavy paper, and lightly mark the stitching holes. Cut the circle out, and punch out the holes.

3. Knot a 6-inch piece of red waxed twine, and weave it through the holes of the first semicircle. Finish the end with another knot, tightening the knot close to the paper. Repeat for the other semicircle.

4. Write out the party information; or print it from your computer onto address labels, and affix the labels to the cards.

Trivia Game Cards

Tools and Materials
Oak tag
Bone folder (optional)
Red marker
Address labels (optional)

Trivia Game Cards How-To

1. Trace a circle onto a piece of oak tag, and cut it out to use as a template. Accordion-fold a length of paper to the same width as the circle. Place the template on the folded paper, trace the circle, and cut out almost all the way around, leaving one part intact so that when the paper is unfolded its sections will be linked like a chain. Smooth the folded edge down tightly with a bone folder or your hand.

2. On the front of the chain, use a red marker to approximate the stitches of a baseball, and title the book Trivia.

3. Handwrite baseball trivia questions on the inside panels, and write the answers on the reverse side. This can also be done using your computer and address labels. Trivia questions can be found in books or online.

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