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Beanbag Toss

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This easy-to-make outdoor game is sure to provide hours of summer entertainment. What's more, it's suitable for all ages and skill levels, so both children and grown-ups can join in the fun.

Tools and Materials
Beanbag Toss Template
72-by-72-inch clear, heavyweight shower-curtain liner
Tape measure
Nonstick scissors
Colored duct tape
Felt numbers
Utility knife
Drill and 3/32-inch drill bit
Screw eyes
Wooden posts
4 pieces of 82-inch-long nylon twine
Staples and staple gun
1/8-inch steel rods
Beans, rice, sand, or small stones, for filling

Beanbag Toss How-To
1. Download and print the template, and use it as a guide. Unfold the curtain liner along its long side, but keep it folded up in the middle. Measure 24 inches from the bottom, and cut along the fold line (following the fold line will make it easier to cut the liner to size). Cut the liner with nonstick scissors, in half along the fold lines. At this point, you should have 2 pieces, each measuring 48 by 36 inches. Save the remaining pieces to make bean bags.

2. To make the design, tape out your pattern. Find the center of liner, and measure 18 inches from the top to the bottom and 24 inches from side to side. Measure 5 inches from the center outward in each direction, creating a 10-inch center square and following the template. Tape the last square on the bottom, using 4 pieces of 8-inch-long tape.

3. Peel and stick the felt numbers onto the surface. Peel and stick number 2, and place it in the middle of the last square. To create the flap for the beanbag to go through, use a utility knife to cut the bottom square. Cut 3/4 of the square on the duct tape. Drill a pilot hole into the top of each post, using a 3/32-inch drill bit. Attach a size-110 screw eye to the top of each post.

4. To attach the plastic to the wooden posts, fold the plastic sides over the posts, and attach a few staples to hold it in place (the wooden posts secures the game into the ground, or to the sand for play on the beach). Apply tape over the staples, and staple through the tape to secure it firmly to the poles. Tie 2 pieces of nylon twine through each screw eye, and tie the loose ends to camping stakes or steel rods

5. To make the bean bags, cut 12 squares (4 inches) from the remaining piece of shower liner. Tape 2 squares together on three sides. Fill the bags with beans, rice, sand, or small stones. Tape the last side to close plastic bean bag

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