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Pixie Birthday Party

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 18 2005

Once upon a time on a warm summer evening, a group of little girls arrived at a slumber party in their dreamiest gowns. Each child was given a crown entwined with flitting butterflies and a map of Pixieland (the birthday girl's backyard) to use for hunting treasures tucked in the secret seams of the landscape. 

Moon-white ponies led the children on a procession o'er the hills, and they danced and filled the air with sweet laughter. As dusk cloaked the earth in its half-light, the girls turned into beautiful, frolicking fairies. They perched on silvery birch stumps under gossamer tents to eat delicacies foraged from an enchanted forest. 

Ah, but the evening's spell was fleeting. And though the delightful sprites woke up as human girls in the morning, they would never forget their magical night.

Invitations How-To
Wrap kraft paper around glittered twigs and secure with glue.

Magic Wand How-To
The wands are made by laying a silk ribbon over the end of a dowel and sliding on a wooden bead.

Treasure-Hunt Map How-To 
The handmade map depicts landmarks around the yard, such as Magic Flower Path and Twinkling Meadow; tiny treats and toys can be found at every location. The map was made using paper shapes for scrapbooking, which were taped in place and photocopied in color.

Burlap Pouch How-To 
Guests can collect their wares from the treasure hunt in burlap pouches; to convert a store-bought sack into a shoulder bag, we fed long twill tape through one of the drawstring channels, then hot-glued on artificial foliage.

Pretty Crown How-To
The girls' pretty crowns were made using prewired millinery flower buds from a floral supply store, which were bent into shape and twisted. Prewired butterflies were then twisted around the frames.

Chicken Wands
Mango Dipping Sauce
Fiddlehead Breadsticks
Nests Filled with Summer Salad
Fairy Berries

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