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Car Safety Kit

The Martha Stewart Show

You never know when trouble is going to occur on the road. To be extra safe, it's always best to plan ahead and stock your car with a safety kit.

Store in Your Trunk
Jumper cables
- Inflated spare tire
- Jack
- Cotton gloves
- Extra bottle of windshield wiper fluid
- Sand or absorbent cat litter for traction
- Reflective safety vest
- Roadside reflectors

Store in the Car Cabin
- Auto escape hammer to break the window if you have no other way out of the vehicle. Mount this to your dashboard so you can reach it in an emergency.
- Flashlight and fresh batteries
- Simple first-aid kit
- Blanket

You can find most of these items at hardware stores. Thanks to Allstate for providing members of today's audience with car safety starter kits and blankets.

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