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The Designs of Robert Rodriguez

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2008

In October 2003, fashion designer Robert Rodriguez, together with business partner Nicola Guarna, created the Robert Rodriguez Collection. Today, he shares some stunning looks from his spring and fall 2008 collections.

Spring 2008
-Rose strapless dress (color: marble); 100 percent silk.
-Dove-colored halter top tiered ruffle dress with a dove-colored coat; 100 percent cotton.
-Dove cropped jacket with cascade tank top; wide-leg tux pants (color: marble).
-Dove-colored cropped beaded-collar jacket with a tiered ruffle halter top underneath (color: bisque); cropped dove-colored shorts.

Fall 2008
-Emerald silk chiffon dress.
-Yellow citrine Chantilly lace dress with granite overcoat.
-Granite power suit (color: gray); bootleg-cut pants; gray Chantilly lace blouse underneath.

Special thanks to designer Robert Rodriguez for sharing these looks from his spring and fall 2008 collections. For more information about Robert and his fabulous designs, visit

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