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Hammond's Candies

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 3048

Started in 1920 by Carl T. Hammond, Hammond's Candies makes tasty treats that are as attractive as they are delicious. Still loyal to Hammond's original recipe techniques, Hammond's Candies makes its sweets in small batches, which are hand-pulled and hand-twisted.

Ribbon Candy
Hammond's world-famous ribbon candy is made using a machine called a ribbon crimper to shape the classic treat. By simply placing ribbon candy onto a cake plate, the perfect touch is added to any holiday decor.

Ribbon Snowflakes
The ribbon snowflake is the same as the ribbon candy but it's twisted into a beautiful round masterpiece.

Tall Barber Poles and Filled Barber Poles
A display of Hammond's Candies' brightly colored barber poles and candy sticks in a variety of flavors is guaranteed to attract attention. Adding candy to beautiful celery glass is a simple and elegant way to decorate any space.

Candy Canes
These colorful, flavorful best sellers boast festive stripes and something special inside: a rich creamy filling.

Old-Fashioned Twist Lollis
Hammond's lollipops have been twirled and finessed by hand since 1920.

Christmas Pillows
It takes an amazing 16 stripes formed by hand in each batch to make Hammond's Christmas pillows, a perfect treat to share in a candy dish.

Christmas Straws
Longer than a pillow but shorter and slimmer than a barber pole, these hard candies come with a twist: Each fanciful, brightly striped straw is filled with a soft, rich chocolate or vanilla creme.

Candy Coal
According to tradition, children who made Santa's naughty list receive coal instead of candy for Christmas. But this tasty, cinnamon-flavored candy comes with a playful surprise, temporarily turning tongues bright blue.

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