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Summertime Scrapbooking

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When you're young, summer seems to fly by so fast that it becomes a blur. A nice way for you and your children to capture those special summer memories is by making a scrapbook.

Tools and Materials
Archival pages
Glue pen
Utility knife
Snaps, eyelets, or brads (optional)
Hammer and hole punch
Alphabet stickers
Bone folder
Protective slips

Summertime Scrapbooking How-To
1. Arrange and lay out souvenirs on archival pages before gluing them down. You can include any treasured mementos, such as vacation photos, drawings, ticket stubs, letters, pressed flowers, stickers, or postcards. Once you have decided where to place everything, lightly mark the spots with a pencil, if necessary.

2. There are different ways to attach your photos. You can glue them on using a glue pen, or you can cut shapes into your page to act as frames for your photos. Some pages come with precut shapes, or you can cut them out yourself. If you cut them out by hand, be sure to cut a shape that is smaller than the size of the photo but large enough to include the area you want to be seen in the frame. Lift up the page and place your photo behind the cut-out shape. Position the photo where you want it, cropping out any parts you don't want to include (you may need to trim your photos so they fit). Once you have positioned the photo, turn the page over and mark the photo's final position with a pencil. Using a glue pen, apply glue around the perimeter of each cut-out and stick the photo onto the glue. Repeat the process for any other photos.

3. If you have any other memorabilia, there are many creative ways include them on your pages, such as using snaps, eyelets, or brads. These allow objects to move on the page. To attach your memorabilia using brads, use a hammer and hole punch to punch holes; insert brads through the souvenirs and through the page. Turn the page over and fasten the brads by opening the prongs of the brads. Carefully turn the page over and set it down on the table while holding the snap and souvenir in place. This will allow the souvenir to rotate.

4. You can also use cute charms to make lettering fun. You can attach the letters with these colorful brads also. First lay out your letters. Punch holes and insert brads through the hole in the letter charms and through the page. Turn the page over and fasten the brads by opening the prongs of the brads. Repeat the process for all your letters.

5. Alphabet stickers are another cute way to decorate your page. Place your stickers on the page and, if necessary, use a bone folder to firmly affix.

6. Put pages into scrapbook by slipping them into protective slips.

All of these materials can be found at major crafts stores.

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