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Can-Do Crafts

Martha Stewart Kids

Turning trash into treasure is child's play when you look to the recycling bin for inspiration. Empty bottles, cans, and boxes can be retooled into any number of wonderful playthings, such as musical instruments, rocket ships, and race cars. Uncovering the materials shouldn't be difficult. Crafts-worthy wares sneak into the house every day, disguised as food and gift packaging. Don't let these items go to waste! Before setting that bin out on the curb, sift through its contents for goods that will bring new life to the toy chest.

Tin-Can Elephant Feet
Tip-Top Tap Shoes
Thumb Strummer Banjo
Jingle Jangle Doorbells
Thrifty Piggies
Balloon-Powered Car
Ocean Diorama
Cereal Box Organizer
Art Project Storage
Cardboard Spaceship

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