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The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007

"Australian Finger Lime" (Citrus australacae)
- Tapered oval citrus fruit that grows on a bush, not a tree
- Little sour beads break apart and burst in your mouth
- Native of Australia
- Needs plenty of sunlight, some dryness between waterings

"Vera Purple" (Bougainvillea)
- It is always in bloom and grows in an upright form
- Usually grows as a vine in the southern U.S.
- Needs a full 6-8 hours of daily sun, let it dry out before watering

"Black Pepper Plant" (Piper nigrum)
- It's the pepper of commerce, typically used to flavor food
- Needs direct sunlight and needs to be warm; needs a period of dryness between waterings
- Very slow growing plant

"Oxyceros horridus"
- The flower buds form in late summer to fall and wait to open in the spring
- Very fragrant
- Native to Thailand
- Thorny hooks form along the stem -- although nowhere near as threatening as a rose

"Musa Dwarf Lady Finger"
- Small, low-growing banana tree that produces edible fruit
- Needs full sun, plenty of room for the roots, and plenty of water and fertilizer; atmosphere must be above 60 degrees

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