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Four Homemade Trees

Photography: Bill Batten

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Winter 2005


Watch a child's eyes light up as she unpacks an ornament she has made herself and hangs it on the tree. There are few gladder moments all year. Now imagine a tree covered entirely in your child's handiwork. When all the pieces are made of the same materials, the result is both beautiful and sentimental.

With the right amount of snipping, twisting, knotting, and gluing, ordinary household items can be transformed into delightfully clever ornaments and instant keepsakes. Ornament-making is a craft project that will keep kids busy for hours -- a great way to spend a rainy or snowy day.

We've festooned four trees with seat-of-the-pants ingenuity, using yarn, cotton balls, tinfoil, and office supplies. Kids can copy these ideas or use them as inspiration for their own designs. And there's a project for everyone -- little ones can crumple and squeeze foil into sparkling balls while older siblings concoct a dazzling foil tree topper.

If the big tree in the living room is reserved for fancy ornaments, why not give the kids a tree of their own (in the playroom or their bedroom, perhaps) to fill with their creations? You'll end up with an exuberant collection you'll all be proud to showcase year after year.

The Trees
Cotton Balls
Office Supplies

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