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White Table Setting

Showcasing beautiful pure-white wares and pale lumina pumpkins, this casual yet elegant table is ideal for holiday entertaining. Begin by fashioning a paper "runner" from rolls of white utility paper or doubled butcher's paper. When choosing dishes, try to incorporate several shades of white, to keep the table from looking stark. To complement the dishes, Martha uses reproduction French ivory flatware, minimalist glass tumblers, vintage hand-blown wine goblets, and tent-folded tea towels. (To create a tent fold, simply fold a tea towel in half and in half again to create a square, then fold down two adjacent corners to create a tent shape; insert the tea towel through a napkin ring.) Martha eschews the conventional salt and pepper shakers for white porcelain Apilco salt cellars, setting one containing salt and another containing pepper at each guest's place. And finally, for a memorable display, Martha creates centerpieces out of pale lumina pumpkins, found at a local nursery, which are stylishly shellacked and set along the lengthy table.

We used white paper from the Wolf Paper and Twine Company (680 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10010; 212-675-4870) and white utility paper from (800-828-4548). Martha's favorite tumblers in this segment were from French Ivory Flatware and Wedgwood Queen's Ware from Martha Stewart: The Catalog for Living.


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