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Kathy Tolleson: ROAR Motorcycles

Kathy Tolleson fell in love with motorcycles when she started riding a Honda 50 on the dirt roads of Minnesota more than 40 years ago. 

In high school, she taught her girlfriends to drive cars and ride bikes, and empowering women has been an important part of her life ever since. This past year, Kathy launched ROAR Motorcycles, Inc., one of the first motorcycle dealerships in the country focusing exclusively on the needs of women riders. 

At ROAR, the mission is to make women happy by designing and customizing motorcycles that fit female riders properly, making the bike not only beautiful and unique, but more comfortable and safer to ride. 

Kathy's also in the process of developing a prototype bike, and will start manufacturing her own line of bikes next year. Truly devoted to filling every need in the industry, she has even started a cosmetic line called Windblown, designed to meet the special needs of female riders. 

As an extension of the years she spent counseling and ministering to abused and oppressed women from many different nations, Kathy also started the ROAR Foundation to reach oppressed women of the world with educational and entrepreneurial projects. 

When it comes to bikes, sharing her passion is key. To Kathy, nothing is more exciting than when a woman gets on a ROAR customized motorcycle, grins, and says, "I can do this!"

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