Some tea towels are too lovely to be hidden away in kitchen drawers. That's why using these linens to create pillow shams is such a wonderful idea. The tea towels are just the right size to cover a boudoir pillow, but since the fabric designs are unusual, the pillows add a very special touch to a bed or sofa.

Tools and Materials

Tea towel, approximately 16 by 29 inches (If towel is smaller, use a narrower seam allowance; if it's larger, cut to size, and hem long ends.)

Pillow, 12 by 16 inches (available at fabric and bedding stores)



Sewing machine

Point turner

Tea Towel Pillow How-To1. Lay towel right side up on your work surface.

2. Fold long ends in toward the center so they overlap, creating a flat surface of 12 inches, top to bottom.

3. Press with a hot iron.

4. Pin side edges.

5. Sew both sides.

6. Turn the case right side out, and shape the corners with a point turner.

7. Press.

8. Insert pillow.



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