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Space Odyssey Birthday Party

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 13 2004

Mission: Birthday
Objective: To send a manned party to the backyard to explore space-themed contests and treats.
Schedule: Engage in training camp, play games, and devour a cosmic cake.
Extra data: Mission support props can be found in the house and garage.
Conclusion: A galactic birthday is out-of-this-world fun.

Space Suits
To make suits, buy disposable coveralls in the smallest size available. Cut arms and legs to shorten. Roll up excess; use duct tape to hold in place. (Duct tape can also be used to make a belt.) Add details such as shoulder stripes and kids' names with stickers and colored electrical tape.

Glue silver or striped paper to red paper; cut a 6 1/2-inch circle. Cut a triangle from the circle and shape it into a cone; tape. Punch holes in the sides of the cup and bottom of the cone. Thread string through the cup and cone; knot. Glue triangular red tabs to the cup for fins. Add flag stickers and names with stickers.

Planet Game How-To
Stencil planet names and point values onto paper bands. The farther away a planet is from the sun, the more points it should have (it'll be harder to throw a rocket into it). Tape the bands onto buckets. Place the buckets on rope rings. To make the sun, glue a round piece of yellow paper to cardboard.

Yes and No Plates
These plates will make a space quiz lots of fun. Write "yes" and "no" (and, if you'd like, "commander!") on the front of paper plates; each kid gets a pair. For handles, affix duct tape to back of plates. Cut a piece of tape and attach to the handle's underside to keep hands from getting sticky.

Gather space trinkets, such as toy astronauts, badges, and globe erasers; sweet treats such as rock candy (ice), red hots (Mars balls), and spotted gum balls (planets); as well as glow-in-the-dark stickers. Put goodies inside paper-cup rocket favors.

Glue an 8 1/2-inch-by-5 1/2-inch sheet of blue construction paper to silver paper. Fold long ends to middle. Trace theĀ template below on folded paper; cut out. Add flag sticker; seal flaps with sticker of child's age.

Rocket Ship Cake

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