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Choosing Rugs and Carpets

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2009

New carpeting is like a makeover for your home, literally transforming its look and feel.

Martha recently installed a new sisal carpet in her East Hampton home, with Arash Yaraghi, owner of Safavieh rug makers, leading the process.

Arash shares three basic considerations for choosing rugs and carpets:

1. Pick out a color that relates to and complements the palette in the room.

2. Choose a rug style that works with the room's decor, whether it's traditional, contemporary, or modern.

3. User lighter colors in low-traffic areas and sturdier weaves with darker colors for high-traffic areas, such as entryways.

Martha Stewart Rugs
On the show, Martha and Arash displayed six Martha Stewart Collection rugs, all manufactured by Safavieh.

Rugs seen on the show:

  • Parasols in Herbal Garden (Hand Tufted Collection, made in India)
  • Sakura Fawn in Blossom (Nepalese Collection, made in Nepal)
  • Block Quilt in Cream (Natural Cotton Collection, made in China)
  • Amazonia in Feldspar (Tibetan Collection, made in Tibet)
  • Meadow in Sky Blue (Wool Petit Point Collection, made in China)
  • Foliage in Orchard (Oushak Collection, made in India)

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