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I would like to grow grass in a ceramic pot in my bathroom and would appreciate any suggestions.

--Heather Baldock Jones, via e-mail

Potted grass will grow nicely in a sunny bathroom. Annual rye, a fast-growing common lawn grass, grows well indoors, in pots. Seeds are available from garden centers.

To plant the grass, fill your pot with a good standard potting soil to a half inch below the rim of the pot. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil to a density that replicates that of seeds on a bread crust. Cover with a light sprinkling of soil, tamp gently, water well, and place in a sunny window. The seeds will take three to four days to germinate. In about ten days, the pot will be ready to use as decoration in your bathroom. It will look its best for anywhere between two and three weeks; one week after you've planted your first pot, plant another, so that you can replace the long and lanky grass with a newly sprouted pot. Then, replant the old pot, using fresh soil. You can also try trimming the grass with scissors.


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